Corporate Responsibility

Community and Environment

Artisanal_Miners_21_copy.jpgResponsible behaviour is fundamental to our success. In order to deliver projects on time and produce value for all our stakeholders we must ensure that we operate in harmony with local communities and their environments.

The nature of how Red Rock approaches CSR varies according to project specifics and the demographics of the region. Mining can be a completely new concept to some communities, who will often wonder what a potential mine may look like and what the impacts on their lives will be. Even exploration activities such as drilling can cause suspicion and unrest due to there not being a comprehensive understanding of the nature of such happenings. It is therefore important that explorationists prioritise information dissemination alongside their activities. Hence it is essential for a company to obtain a Social Licence to Operate (“SLO”) – for the safety of the explorers, the wellbeing of the community, and the future of the project. With geologists being the “first face” of the Company on the ground, Red Rock’s employees are encouraged to understand the importance of safety, environment, and communities and to act with care and consideration at all times.

Red Rock Resources aims to follow the PDAC’s e3 Plus framework, which puts forward the following guidelines for responsible exploration:

  • adopt responsible governance and management;
  • apply ethical business practices;
  • respect human rights;
  • commit to project due diligence and risk assessment;
  • engage host communities and other affected and interested parties; 
  • contribute to community development and social well-being;
  • protect the environment; and 
  • safeguard the health and safety of workers and the local population.

Exploration and mining have an inevitable impact on the landscape and habitats. These impacts can occur in many ways. Our policy is to follow the best international practice in minimising and mitigating impacts.

Health and Safety
Greenland_HS.jpgRed Rock Resources Plc takes pride in the achievements of its Health and Safety programmes across its various projects. Comprehensive Risk Assessments of Health and Safety Systems have been developed to identify existing risks, to implement relevant mitigation measures, and to identify potential risks before they may be directly applicable to our operations. The overarching goal is to expand Project Manager familiarity with and expertise regarding Health and Safety Systems and procedures, to prepare them for the various issues they may encounter, and to provide a framework for them to continuously monitor the Heath and Safety situation while in the field. 

This effort further aids in project planning, budgeting, management and execution, which contributes to the success of the Company’s overall mineral exploration and development efforts.

Project and location specific Emergency Response Plans and field team reporting procedures have also been developed. These are supported by dedicated Emergency Response teams at both our offices in London and in the various host-countries. These teams monitor the daily status reports from the field and are available 24/7 to respond and assist remotely with emergencies or developing issues as may be required.

Prior to travelling overseas employees receive Health and Safety inductions as well as project specific training as may be applicable. Examples include glacier rescue training, open water and boat safety, and dangerous and wild animal training, to name but a few. The majority of field team members have also received wilderness Medical training and Advanced Medicine to aid them in situations where medical assistance may not be readily available and where in the case of an accident on-site team members may need to provide critical initial first aid prior to outside help arriving on the scene. The firm’s Health and Safety culture has improved significantly from its inception.

Initially Health and Safety was a relatively small part of our day to day operations and our overall approach and tended to be reactive to the needs of each project as issues arose. Today the Company includes H&S procedures and frameworks in all of its planning and field activities, with a special emphasis on top-down ownership and responsibility, quality training of all personnel, and risk assessments that go beyond basic regulatory compliance.

Corporate culture
Our employees are encouraged to understand the importance of safety, environment and communities and to act with care and consideration at all times.

We wish to develop a corporate culture in which responsibility – to work colleagues, to the environment and to the community – is second nature to all our staff. 

These values will translate into responsibility towards Red Rock also and that will make us more effective as well as a better place to work.