Shareholder information

Board of Directors
Andrew Ronald McMillan Bell (Chairman)
John Watkins (Non-executive Director)
Michael Nott (Non-executive Director)
James Ladner (Non-executive Director)

Company Secretary
Stephen F Ronaldson

Registered Office
Third Floor, 55 Gower Street
London WC1E 6HQ

Incorporated in England and Wales co. no. 5225394

Business and Postal Address
Ivybridge House
1 Adam St
London WC2N 6LE

Country of Operation
The Company operates from its base in the UK
Mineral exploration activities in Australia, Colombia, Kenya, Greenland and other countries

Nominated Adviser
Grant Thornton
30 Finsbury Square
London EC2P 2YU

Stock Exchange
London Stock Exchange
Alternative Investment Market (AIM)
AIM Code - RRR

Number of Securities in Issue
The Company has 1,630,050,850 Ordinary shares of 0.1pence in issue as at 4 March 2014, of which none are held in treasury

Number of Options in Issue

Number Exercise Price Excercisable From Expiring
10,000,000 1.1 pence 03.06.2009 03.06.2014
8,000,000 3.2 pence 22.09.2010 22.09.2015

Number of Warrants in Issue as at 18 March 2014


Significant Shareholders as at 2 April 2014 Number %
TD Direct Investing Nominees (Europe) Limited 221,657,016 13.12%
Regency Mines plc 167,679,559 9.92%
Barclayshare Nominees Limited 148,334,909 8.78%
HSBC Client Holdings Nominee (UK) Limited 136,816,675 8.10%
HSDL Nominees Limited 128,982,501 7.63%
Investor Nominees Limited 75,631,295 4.48%
State Street Nominees Limited 60,713,672 3.59%

Hargreaves Lansdown (Nominees) Limited

58,918,758 3.49%
Jim Nominees Limited 54,544,212 3.22%
Daniel Sklan holds 66,000,000 through HSBC Client Holdings Nominee (UK) Limited

Restrictions on the Transfer of AIM Securities

AIM Securities not in Public Hands
12.41% as at 11 March 2014

Securities Subject to Lock-in

Other Exchanges or Trading Platforms
Frankfurt, Code: R2T
PLUS Markets, Code: RRR

AIM Broker
S.I Capital Ltd
1 High Street
Surrey GU7 1AZ

Joint Broker
Beaufort Securities Ltd
131 Finsbury Pavement
London EC2A 1NT
Media Relations
MHP Communications
60 Great Portland Street
London, W1W 7RT
Current Constitutional Documents
Admission Document

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