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Vision & Strategy

Red Rock creates shareholder value by participating in a diverse portfolio of projects and investments with exposure to commodities across multiple stages of the natural resource cycle. With growing cash-generation from its manganese and gold investments, the Company has a platform for growth both organically and from new strategic opportunities.


Red Rock executes its corporate strategy designed to create value for investors by leveraging its portfolio of existing mineral exploration projects, as well as its many years of transactional expertise. Project development and investments may include all phases of the natural resource development cycle where the opportunity to add and realise value has been identified.

The Company feels that its broad exposure to a series of commodities from gold and manganese in Africa and Australia to battery metals in Africa well positions it for outperformance as natural resource markets recover. With both early-stage and production assets, Red Rock seeks to generate revenues to cover heavily reduced overheads while ultimately looking to fund future growth from operational cash flow.

Strategic priorities

  • Short term cash generation
  • Longer term portfolio optimisation and disposal
  • Opportunistic investments at the bottom of the natural resource cycle

Group structure

The Company operates with a lean organisational structure designed to minimise overhead costs.

Key performance indicators

At this stage in the company’s development, the Directors regularly monitor key performance indicators, including progress on major projects, availability of liquid assets, primary cash flows and bank balances; general administrative expenses, which remain low relative to its peers; as well as share price performance and appreciation.