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Shareholder information

Board of Directors

Andrew Bell, MA, LLB

Andrew Bell, MA, LLB

Chairman and Chief Executive

Sam Quinn, BA, LLB

Sam Quinn, BA, LLB

Non-Executive Director

Michael Alexander Borrelli, FCA

Michael Alexander Borrelli, FCA

Non-Executive Director

Company secretary

Stephen F Ronaldson.

Country of incorporation

Incorporated in England and Wales, Company No: 05225394.

Country of operation

The Company operates from its base in the UK.
Natural resource development and investment activities in Ivory Coast, Kenya, Greenland and the United States.

Stock Exchange

London Stock Exchange
Alternative Investment Market (AIM)
AIM Code – RRR

Number of securities in issue

As at 1 March 2024, the Company’s issued share capital consists of 3,548,246,811 Ordinary Shares of 0.01p each with voting rights. No Ordinary Shares are held in treasury.

Number of options in issue

Number Exercise price Exercisable from Expiring
10,500,000 £0.0200 24.08.2020 19.08.2025
10,500,000 £0.0250 24.08.2020 19.08.2025

 Number of warrants in issue

Number Exercise price Exercisable from Expiring
136,277,776 £0.0035 13.04.2023 12.10.2024
9,232,392 £0.0045492 08.06.2022 07.06.2025
75,205,614 £0.001425 11.05.2023 10.05.2026

Restrictions on the transfer of AIM securities


AIM securities not in public hands


Securities subject to lock-in


Other exchanges or trading platforms

Aquis Stock Exchange, Code: RRR.GB

The Company is subject to the UK City Code on Takeovers and Mergers


Information is correct as at 1 March 2024.

Last updated on 13.03.2024